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Marshall Day

I've owned a FireMagic grill for about 7 years. Recently it stopped working as no propane gas was getting to the igniters. I couldn't figure out the problem and called Lloyd for help. I live in north Georgia and Lloyd is in south Florida but, nevertheless he made some calls and a few days later a young man came to my house and fixed the problem. The young man would not accept any payment for his work. I would characterize this as awesome customer service. If you take care of a customer when you're not legally required to and you do it in a timely and efficient manner, then you build a bond with the customer that is extremely strong. We have really enjoyed our FireMagic grill and I will be a customer for life. Thank you, Lloyd.

Eric Oestreich

I wanted to write a review about this company. I recently had an issue with a product that had the name Firemagic on it and contacted this site as I thought they were the manufacturer. Soon after contacting Lloyd at this company I found out that they are not the actual manufacturer however Lloyd went out of his way to help me even though I did not purchase my product at firemagicstore.com. I have never seen anyone want to help out like he did especially on a product that they did not sell. Any future needs for our backyard Oasis I will be looking at firemagicstore.com for my next purchase. Thank you Lloyd for all the help you provided, you are a stand up guy!

Tsui-Ling Colvin

I purchased an outdoor Fire Magic grill from the owner more than three months ago. My patio project got delayed. Three months later, the owner still remembered me and was able to help me with what I needed to get my grill set up. He was great and knowledgeable from the very beginning. I am looking forward to using my grill.

Robert Morlan

Had a contractor include a Fire Magic grill in a built in counter fifteen years ago. He told me they were great. I didn't like a lot of the other work he did, but the grill makes up for it. I live in San Diego so I grill out probably 200-235 days a year. Smoke turkeys and ribs on indirect heat with a smoker box. Two brothers in law purchased one after seeing the great results with mine. LOVE my Fire Magic grill.

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